Try the “Delirium in Dementia Training Tool"

Delirium has similar symptoms to dementia, but is usually treatable and people with dementia are a high risk group - in some cases 10 times more likely to suffer to suffer from this condition. If not treated delirium can be fatal.

A working knowing knowledge of delirium in dementia is crucial to good care for people with dementia.

If dementia symptoms get worse rapidly, it may be delirium!

Access the Delirium In Dementia Training Tool developed by Joined Up Care Derbyshire’s Dementia and Delirium Group. The Training Tool is for all Health, Social Care and Care staff in the statutory and independent sectors in whatever setting they work in. It may also be useful for the volunteers, friends and family who support people living with dementia.

Our aim is to provide everyone who works with people living with dementia a basic understanding of how to prevent and manage delirium in dementia. The Tool can be used in groups and staff meetings as part of a discussion of delirium, or it can be used by individuals who want to find out more about this condition.

Delirium in Dementia Awareness

People who complete the course, which takes 30-40 mins, will be sent a certificate.

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Try the “Delirium in Dementia Training Tool"

Access the Delirium in Dementia Training Tool